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Top 6 Marlborough Wedding Venues

Top 6 Marlborough Wedding Venues

A wedding in one of the most well-known winemaking regions in New Zealand is the way to raise your glass.

Marlborough, a northeastern region in the South of New Zealand. It is a stunning myriad of scenic outdoor views. With an extensive network of coastal waterways, peninsulas, and coves. Weddings in Marlborough are a breath of fresh air! 

Get ready to dine fine and shine bright. Trust us, a wedding in Marlborough is a romantic book of passionate love.

From the quaint countryside to sunny beaches. Here are the top six wedding venues in Marlborough!

1. Picton Yacht Club Hotel

Picton Yacht Club Hotel is a gateway to the picturesque South Island. Sitting at the prime location next to Picton Maria, this scenic harbour is an ideal location to wed!

The venue surrounded by lush gardens and state-of-the-art facilities. It is also home to Marlborough’s award-winning restaurant, The Chartroom.

You can invite up to 100 loved ones to sip, dance, and chat. After all, who doesn’t like a luxurious and sophisticated wedding venues near Blenheim?

Picton Yacht Club Hotel Marlborough Wedding Venues

2. Bay of Many Coves Resort

This five-star luxury resort, located in the fabulous Marlborough Sounds is wonderful! With a spacious environment and fine hills, The Bay of Many Coves Resort is a spectacular wedding venue near Picton.

If you love warm aesthetics and expensive settings, you should host your wedding guests here.

An abundant 13,000 New Zealand trees loom over their 100-hectare land. With the rush of uninterrupted waters, The Bay of Many Coves Resort is a gorgeous place to declare your love. What a wonderful start to a bright, peaceful, and soulful marriage on your wedding day!

Bay of Many Coves Resort Wedding Venues near Picton

3. Upton Oaks Garden  

Upton Oaks Garden is a 100-year-old homestead. It is famous for colourful gardens of all shapes. This exclusive garden is a maze of beautiful flowers, perfect for Cinderella weddings.

With rustic olive groves and cottage core aesthetics. Be prepared to have a picture-perfect wedding at Uptown Oaks Garden. Hire your wedding planner for a personal touch in your wedding ceremony.

Fun fact:

This garden's recognised and awarded as New Zealand’s “Garden of Significance.” 

Uptown Oaks Garden Wedding Venues near Blenheim

4. Woodend Gardens & Vineyard

Remarkable, quaint, and vibrant. Who wouldn’t like a cherry blossom wedding?

The Wooden Gardens & Vineyard is a spectacular “spring” themed wedding! With different bulbs, exotic trees, and special flowers. This wedding venue is a place like no other! A 19th-century pavilion is an absolute diamond when it comes to weddings.

Imagine this: a wedding surrounded by eucalyptus trees, rose beds, and hydrangeas. The perfume-like breeze floats through the air, and the golden sun shines right above you.

Isn't this magical? Wouldn't it be romantic and unforgettable? The perfect day, your special day.

And then, your photographer snaps the shot. That’s the beginning of a fairytale marriage, congratulations!

Woodend Gardens & Vineyard Wedding Venues in Marlborough

5. The Sounds Retreat

Fall crazy in love in this stunning and sweet spot of Marlborough! The Sounds Retreat is an oasis for peace, love, and memories.

This jaw-dropping location is a paradise of nature and luxury. Whether you prefer to wed during the shine of the morning sun or under the blanket of the starry night. The Sounds Retreat is a place for a wedding full of splendour.

Overlooking, always shining, and never disappointing!  

6. The Marlborough Vintners Hotel

Vintners Retreat is a 4-acre luxury accommodation resort. Located at the centre of Rapaura’s golden mile vineyards of Blenheim. The Vintners Retreat has an idyllic nature-perfect setting.

With cotton cloud sunsets, designed timbers, and wide French doors. The Marlborough Vintners Hotel is a fresh sight to see.

Enjoy the vast fields and mountain top views. In the name of sweet grapes and lavender, why not have an elegant wedding in this exceptional hotel! Wedding receptions for your big day at hotels Marlborough

The Marlborough Vintners Hotel Wedding Venue near Marlborough

Now that you know the top six Marlborough wedding venues, it is time to make some reservations. Aim high and live life. Enjoy the happy, bright, and sunny region of the outstanding Marlborough!

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