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Posted 03/05/2021

Top 7 Christchurch Wedding Photographers

Top 7 Christchurch Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers in Christchurch Credit: Martin Setunsky

Christchurch is a city of exploration and ambition. This marvellous city is the biggest in Southern New Zealand.

Shinning with the most unique destinations, technological innovation, and heritage. Christchurch is one of the best places to wed. Good news, you’re lucky that the best photographers are within reach!

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Here are the five best wedding photographers near Christchurch to contact.

1. Martin Setunsky Photography

Martin’s name has been quite a reputation. Being one of the top wedding photographers in Christchurch, New Zealand. Based in Christchurch, His love of photography is fiery and deep. 

According to Martin, “Photographing weddings brings me joy. Everyone’s life is a big story, and I love to capture every moment as is.”

Like a photographic memory, you remember all the necessary details. Every tear, every smile, every laugher. Martin’s photographs bring back the life of the event.


“Martin has done both our engagement and wedding photoshoot. We are pretty impressed by the quality of work that he has done. He makes everyone at ease with the camera. He made sure to capture every special moment.

He is very professional, always on time, and provided with photos a week after the wedding. The online gallery was pretty impressive. Thank you for the work. We appreciate it.”

- Farrah & Daniel

Specialty: Masterpiece and Emotive Wedding Photos

Martin Setunsky Wedding Photographers in Christchurch

Photo Credit: Martin Setunsky Photography

2. Rebecca Claridge Photography

Rebecca has a knack for capturing moments on time. Unseen moments like tears, laughter, the ultimate emotions. She loves traveling and sees every unique angle as a perfect moment. 

According to Rebecca, “It’s the exciting moments. The anticipation of your day finally being here. I love meeting so many amazing people. What an opportunity to capture their unique stories!”


“Rebecca is a talented photographer. She can make even the most reluctant participant feel at ease and look their best. She is a natural with children and can work with the location of the shoot to make everything look special.”

- Mr. & Mrs. Jones

Specialty: Aesthetic locations

Rebecca Claridge Wedding Photographers near Christchurch

Photo Credit: Rebecca Claridge Photography

3. Dolce Wedding Photography

Sophie McMillan is the owner of Dolce Wedding Photography. Before she became well-known, she strived for photography. Sophie bought, broke, and borrowed cameras until she started her own photography business. Capturing the joy, candid moments in a stress free wedding engagement. 

In 2010, Sophie went to extensive lengths and left New Zealand. She traveled through Europe, the Caribbean, and Malaysia as a professional wedding photographer.

Today, Sophie is 34 and is one of the best photographers in Christchurch. According to Sophie, “A candid, unobtrusive style creates a picture-perfect wedding story.”


“Sophie is a true artist and master of her work. She is a professional!"

- Mr. & Mrs. Graham

Specialty: Picture Perfect Wedding Story

Dolce Wedding Photographers in Christchurch

Photo Credit: Dolce Wedding Photography

4. Bethany Howarth Photography

Bethany’s masterpieces tell a tale of fiery love and emotion. Her photographs, featured on the coveted Junebug Weddings Best of the Best list in both 2017 and 2018. She is not only a wedding photographer, but she also does destination weddings. 


“I already told you how much we loved the photos, but seeing them in print as a story of the day is magical! With beautiful shots, it’s lovely watching our families re-live it all through the albums."

- Amy & Phil

Specialty: Raw and Extraordinary Wedding Photos

 Bethany Howarth Wedding Photography in Christchurch

Photo Credit: Bethany Howarth Photography

5. Emily Nicholls Photography

Emily is a professional photographer with 12 years of experience. She loves a timeless, contemporary style to capture every great moment and milestone. You will feel relaxed comfortable on your special day. With someone who is passionate about capturing beautiful memories on your wedding day.

According to Emily, “I am passionate. I am all about helping people treasuring their memories in the form of printed and digital art."

Emily is not only a fantastic wedding photographer. She is also a newborn lifestyle photographer, and she’s a natural!”


"Emily is such a pleasure to work with. She makes everyone feel very comfortable and relaxed. The results speak for themselves. We recommend her!"

- Mr. & Mrs. Harrop 

Specialty: Raw and Candid Photographs

Emily Nicholls Photography in Christchurch

Photo Credit: Emily Nicholls Photography

6. Grey Area Productions

They say  that pictures show the way that it happened, meaning it’s natural and not forced. That is the reason Grey Area Productions. They are one of the best wedding photographers in Christchurch.

With a culmination of mixed feelings. Coming at you from all directions at your favourite wedding venue. It’s hard capture each moment yet time and time again. Grey Area Productions gets it.

Their videography services capture the special moments. With your favourite music choice. You can capture the all the special moments on your special day. 


“We couldn’t recommend Andy enough. I knew as soon as I saw his work that he was perfect for us – his style is candid, he has so much talent! My only regret is that we didn’t have him include videography in our package!

"Andy takes the stress out of the wedding day. As soon as he arrived in the morning you could feel complete sense of calm. What the doctor ordered."

Mr & Mrs Smith

Specialities: Natural and emotive shots. Capture the mix of feelings and actions of the event

Video Credit: Grey Area Productions

7. Mandy Caldwell Photography

Mandy ensures that your wedding day is a happy event. Her love flows through the normal stress environment. Using her planning process you will receive fantastic advice.

She will create the perfect location for you. The pictures that you will adore for your lifetime will be the way you want them to be. She is very easy to spend your special day with.

With nine years extensive experience. She has shot wedding celebrations in several countries. These include Australia, the Pacific Islands and New Zealand.


“Mandy is an absolute gem! She was so understanding to work with. Attention to detail and the planning process are her strengths. My husband and I would recommend Mandy."

Mr & Mrs Jones

Speciality: Candid, warm, and relaxed photos that are creative and light-hearted shots

Mandy Caldwell Photography in Christchurch

Photo Credit: Mandy Caldwell Photography

1.   Stanley Pictures

 Stanley Pictures is another one of Christchurch's most outstanding wedding photographers. The couple's technique sums up in the tagline, which reads, "to capture love."

Jacob will take images of you and your partner as a priceless reminder of your love. His categories include weddings, anniversaries, engagements, and families.

 Jacob wishes your wedding to be as unique and significant as his own with his wife, Ariel. As part of his commitment, you can have a photograph of a magnificent moment that you can revisit at any time.


 "We could not rate Jake at Stanley Pictures high enough. The whole experience of our wedding was beautiful. He made everyone, including us, feel so relaxed, and the photos were above our expectations. He communicated with us very well as we were Australia-based clients. Our wedding was happening in New Zealand; he made the whole process a breeze.

 The photos that he captured were stunning are all over our house and in albums. The finished pictures after the wedding came on time to Australia! It came in a box with attractive finishes from New Zealand.

Stanley Pictures was so affordable and reliable. We are so happy with our wedding day and the photos he captured. We wouldn't have had it any other way!!!

 Thanks again, Stanley Pictures, you were a dream!"

-Anna Emmelmann

 Specialty: To capture love, wedding, anniversary, engagement, and family photography


2.   Little Love Photo + Video

Samantha and Benjamin, a Christchurch couple, run Little Love Photo + Video. They offer affordable photography and filming services around New Zealand.

 Samantha describes their technique as dark and somber mixed with a film look. She adores working with out-of-the-box couples that are daring, wild, and carefree!

Little Love Photo + Video can help you if you're searching for a fantastic team to film your day as it unfolds. They make beautiful images and help you during this chaotic time!


"My husband and I had the most amazing morning with Samantha capturing our daughter. She made the whole process relaxing, and baby Isla was so comfortable with her. Recommend for mums & dads to be. We will treasure these photos forever."

-Melissa Vincent

Specialty: Affordable photography and videography. Dark and moody style shots.

3.   Velvet Photo & Cinema

Velvet Photo & Cinema puts creativity at the top of everything they do. They have state-of-the-art technology, such as drones, gimbals, various lenses, and cameras. Velvet Photo & Cinema has a sharp taste in crafting picture and video styles.

Velvet Photo & Cinema uses a subtle style. It allows them to capture such priceless moments for future generations to see. They opt for cinematic videos and use a modern approach to photography. Clean and crisp, yet also lively and creative. They're also open to old/new ideas, no matter how bizarre they are.


 "These guys are so talented!! I have never been in front of the camera before but knew I wanted a video of our wedding with family and friends. John was so easy to talk to and explain the story behind the big day. I would recommend these guys to anyone. I cannot wait to see the result as I know it will be everything I dreamed of. Getting a video to capture your big day should be on every bride's list. Find the money!! It's so worth it."

 -Steff Rose

 Specialty: Clean and sharp, yet playful and creative shots.

 4.   Frameboy Wedding Films

Frameboy Wedding Films offers three packages to memorialise your wedding day. The next day edit, wedding film, and photo + video hybrid. You can get a complete overview of the packages by contacting their team.

 The videos are available to watch online or download to your computer or other devices. They will provide a hard drive containing all the original camera files. Your edited videos are also available as an add-on.


“Rowan is an absolute professional and master of his trade. I'm lucky that I found his page online and picked him to capture our special day. He is the most incredible videographer, as you don’t notice he is there. He captures the most real and important moments of the day. It’s so natural. Rowan’s work was and is everything and more than I could’ve ever dreamed of. Thanks to him, I have the best day of my life on storage, and I can revisit it whenever I want. I cried more watching the videos provided by Rowan than I did on my wedding day. From the 12min video with our own picked songs to the ceremony and speeches, first dance, and raw footage. He is the very best. You are in safe hands picking Rowan as your wedding videographer. Especially for those who hate to have their pictures taken and videoed. Thank you is not enough to express how appreciative I am of your work Rowan. I will treasure these videos for my whole life.”

-Lexi & Scott

Specialty: Next day edit with photography, Wedding film, The photo + video hybrid.

5.   Midge Edine Photography

Midge Edine Photography is a Christchurch-based wedding photographer. She focuses on capturing moments and emotions in beautiful images and films!

Midge and her team believe that no wedding is the same. That is why they create packages tailored to their client's style, budget, and vision.


 Midge was amazing from the very beginning of our communication. We flew her to Queenstown for our honeymoon photo shoot, and we had a wonderful time with her. She took us to some beautiful locations. We had so much fun enjoying ourselves as well as the stunning scenery. Midge was very capable of working within our wishes and even going beyond what we expected. She was generous with her time and very easy to approach. My husband and I are in love with our photos!"

-Audrey & Harrod

Specialty: Tailored custom packages. Stunning photos and videos. Christchurch-based photographer.

6.   MK Photography

If you live in Christchurch, you're most definitely familiar with Minnie Knight. She's one of the city's most outstanding and most in-demand wedding photographers.

Many couples use her company's services because they offer reasonable packages. Minnie has outstanding expertise in photography. Her 20-year career shows she can do almost any style, combining both old and modern ways.

Minnie can provide you with timeless memories put on paper if you hire her as your photographer. She'll make sure you don't have to stress getting lovely images because she'll be doing most of the work. On your most important day, all you must do is smile and have a good time.


 "Don't know how many males do this, But Mk Photography was awesome at my wedding. Both Minnie and Roy were great. Both had great ideas for the photos and listened to what we wanted. They were fun to be around and had us laughing throughout the day. The photos are of excellent quality and captured our special day, and I can't thank you both enough. So many special photos that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I recommend MK Photography as the first choice for anyone looking for a photographer."

-Simon Simmons

Specialty: Weddings, Same-Sex Marriages, Maternity, Models, Landscapes, Commercial, Abstract, and Animals.

7.   Kassandra Lynne Photography

Kassandra moved to Dunedin from Southern California in 2012. She got into the arts scene through her wedding photography and creative space.

She launched Benessere Studios in 2015 and has organised many art events. Her main goal is to use her photos to tell a story about connection and highlight what it means. Her real passion and ultimate expression is photography.


"I have had my wedding about a month ago. I had the pleasure of meeting Kassandra six months before for our engagement shoot. It was terrific. She was friendly and very accommodating to our wants and ideas. Photos came and were terrific, even with the tricky challenge of capturing our active dog as well.

The wedding day was fantastic. We had a plan for the day and achieved everything we wanted. She was very calm and supportive. She knew the area we got married to well, so we could get out of the wind. Photos came back at a reasonable time, with a sneak peek photo coming through a week after the wedding.

We are grateful for all the photos and the hard work Kassandra has put into a big day. I would definitely recommend her to anyone”

-Jessica Archer

Specialty: Weddings, Elopements, Engagements, and Adventure Portrait Sessions

8.   The Woods Photography

Brad and Clouds run the Woods Photography. They both showed interest in photography for a long time. They started shooting weddings together shortly after their marriage in 2012.

They love the fact that the people make each day enjoyable. They enjoy the documentation and helping people to relax and enjoy their wedding day.

They are passionate about capturing emotions and capturing small and big moments. Brad is the main photographer, while Clouds oversees the editing. They feel very privileged capturing beautiful people and places all throughout New Zealand.


“We are so thankful that we chose the Woods photography for our wedding. We chose them because they captured the ‘feel of the day. The result far exceeded our expectations. On the day, Brad was excellent at capturing the bridal and groom parties getting ready. As the day progressed, we enjoyed ourselves as they unfolded. Brad worked so well with all the other vendors, and the pre-planning meant our day was perfect. We were glad to receive our photos so soon after our wedding. We were ecstatic with the quality and magic of each one. We love the variety of compositions that captured the feeling of our day. And all the people who shared the day with us, and we will treasure them for our lifetimes. Furthermore, Brad managed to make everyone look stunning!

Specialty: Fine Art Wedding and Landscape Photography.”

-Megan Hannigan

Specialty: Fine Art Wedding and Landscape Photography

9.   Claire Blackall Photography

Claire Blackall is an experienced photographer based in Christchurch. She loves capturing people and the surreal moments that you can't put into words.

Claire is a sentimental romantic at heart. She enjoys taking pictures and knowing that she has forever captured a moment, a detail, or an emotion. She uses photography to express how she sees the beautiful world and the people who live in it.

Claire's style is artistic, modern, natural, and fun. Her goal is to create timeless and expressive photos that capture one's, genuine soul.

She enjoys getting to know and connecting with her clients. As for her, photography is about the complete experience, not only mere photographs.


 "A photographer with not only an eye for fashion and detail but an attentive person who delivers.

Claire took stunning wedding photos for us. She captured memories we will treasure forever. She took the time to understand what kind of photos we wanted. On the day, she interacted and took time with people to then capture precious moments. Her down-to-earth personality made people feel at ease. Even family members who would avoid a camera she managed to get beautiful shots.

Looking back on our photos after the wedding was like experiencing our day all over again. Thank you, Claire Blackall Photography, for capturing our special day!"

 -Michelle Walker de Barreto

Specialty: Artistic, Contemporary, Natural, and Fun Photos

10. Tracey Allsopp

Tracey Allsopp can provide you a makeup artist and a wedding photographer if you need both. When it comes to documenting your wedding, engagement, or elopement, she is a strong suit.

 She is an expert at capturing light, making excellent use of the sun and the scenery with the couple. And she can capture the sensations and emotions of the subjects in each of her photographs.

Her photos appear to be mellow, elegant, and relaxed, which is what everyone wants. Nothing too flashy or dull to the eye, yet everything with grace!

Clients have commented that she puts them at ease and helps them feel comfortable in front of the camera. She also goes above and beyond what others expect.


"My husband and I were a little reluctant to get a maternity photoshoot done, but we are so pleased we did. Tracey was excellent and so professional. She made us feel super comfortable in front of the camera, and it had a very open feel to the whole session. It is now a memory, but we have the beautiful photos to look back on, and I'll treasure this forever.

We then asked Tracey to photograph our new family. Again, she made us feel so at ease and very relaxed...well, as comfortable as it can be with a hungry newborn. It was in the comfort of our own home, and we loved the idea of a doco shoot.

We couldn't be happier with how our photos turned out. We loved having Tracey document the moments of our family growing from two to three. We would definitely recommend Tracey whatever the occasion."

 -Alex Sleath

 Specialty: Makeup and Wedding Photo Shoots

11.  Canterbury Tales

Simon Greenwood runs Canterbury Tales. He is a Christchurch wedding photographer, fine artist, wine lover, and husband.

For Simon, beautiful moments at weddings happen all the time. It could be a quick, cheeky smile exchanged with a friend or a spark in your partner's eye that glimmers for a second. A conversation that bursts into laughter. A series of such photos may tell the story of any day. A way to preserve these beautiful moments is by capturing them.


 "Simon is an incredible photographer. Simon and Pam were able to work with us to bring an artistic and cultural approach to our wedding day. I would definitely recommend it!"

-Natasha King

Specialty: Portraits and Weddings

 12. Melissa Grace Photography

Melissa considers it a great honour to photograph people who commit their lives to the one they love. She takes this passion in all seriousness.

Melissa's approach to shooting weddings is to capture the excitement and joy. She doesn't like scripting the ideal shot or preparing an instagrammable moment.

A wedding day is full of moments you'll never forget. It's her responsibility to be there to capture them in time so you can remember them.


"Melissa Is a fantastic photographer! 10/10 and would recommend her services to anyone. Such a lovely person, raw talent, and I'm so in love with my wedding photos!! I can't stop looking at them. They are everything and more than what I imagined! Thank you, Melissa. You are fantastic!"

-Karlissa Mair

Specialty: Weddings, Couple Sessions, Family Sessions

13. Koru Photography

Tamara is the person behind Koru Photography. She is most passionate about capturing emotion and storytelling in her photos. Although she lives in Canterbury, New Zealand, she's always up for an adventure!

 Koru Photography's style is creative, and documentary, with a dash of imagination, and a bit of fine art. She provides all this with great attention to detail.


 "We were lucky enough to have Tamara photograph our wedding in December 2020. Tamara goes above and beyond expectations. You don't notice on your wedding day, but we got to see Tamara in action at our friend's wedding after ours. She was running the whole time. The photos she gave us back blew our minds. We would have been happy to have a handful of nice photos. But it was hard for us to narrow down a couple of hundred for our album as they were all so beautiful. Throughout the process, she added so many extra touches that we didn't expect. Her packages are so affordable, and everything you get is of amazing quality. We were so, so happy and lucky to have had Tamara photograph our wedding. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer."

 -Sammy Hurrell

 Specialty: Emotive & Story-Telling Photos

 14. Whimsical Wedding Photography

You'll feel relaxed and at ease with Whimsical Wedding Photography. You won't have to worry about how you look or that there's a camera in front of you. Charmayne, the photographer, will always make sure you look and feel great.

Charmayne's photography style is a mix of candid, photojournalistic images. She captures the best bits of your wedding day. All the emotions, genuine moments, and the finer details that you've worked so hard on, she can catch it. She then combines these with fun and creative portraits for your bridal photos. And most definitely, your first photos as a married couple.


 "Charmayne was the photographer for our wedding day. We booked her straight away after the engagement session. She made us feel so comfortable, which was important to us. Charmayne has such a warm, lovely personality that makes you feel relaxed. We received some copies of our wedding photos, and we love them. Charmayne captured the fun, laughter, and love from our special day - All that in a natural and non-imposing way. She made the process enjoyable and was very efficient! Thank you so much for capturing our special day in a magical way."

 -Helen Hird

 Specialty: Relaxed, Comfortable, and Unobtrusive Photo Shoots

 15. Mel’s Moments

 Mel is the person you'd want to hire to take your photos on your big day. She knows how to be upfront but professional in everything she does. No need to stress about coming up with the most fabulous poses or worry about angles. Mel always highlights your best features while maintaining the moment's authenticity.

 She's approachable, fun, and easy to get along with- you'll never be tense around her, let alone miserable. She's an expert in photography as well as editing.

 Mel is a one-of-a-kind photographer you shouldn't miss out on. She's always up for a challenge and is very dedicated.


 "On your wedding day, Mel's Moments aim to make sure you're all having a blast. Not only by being your photographer/videographer but, in a sense, as a friend who has joined you for the day. Between capturing moments, you will likely find Mel holding your dress or fetching you a wine. She captures your best angles and keeps the stress away from you."

-Christchurch Weddings

 Specialty: Photography, Videography, Portraits

 16. MD Photography

Michelle Driver is an NZQA trained professional photographer. She has several years of experience in the business and is the owner of MD Photography. She's been the official photographer for over 300 weddings, whether local or international. Michelle has never failed to deliver stunning photographs.

Michelle also takes family and children photographs besides wedding photography. You'll love every minute of your shoot with her, whether it's a simple sit-down photo or a more polished one.

Michelle Driver's work focuses on documentary and portrait photography. You can rest assured that she can perform better than many photographers. If you want to have only the best photos to look back on in a few years, she's someone you should consider.


 "Michelle, you are a superstar. We love our sneak peek pics and can't wait for the rest of them. You guys did such a great job on our wedding day, and we are glad that we had you as our photographer. Great personality and lots of fun to work with; I am so glad our first look pics were something different and a bit more like us than the usual bridal photos. We would recommend you to everyone. I plan to use you again in the future when we are back in Timaru. Thank you so much."

-Caroline Attwood - Geaney

Specialty: Families, Weddings, Children, and Babies

17. Joseph O’ Sullivan Photography

Joseph O'Sullivan is a full-time wedding photographer in New Zealand. He used to play in a band and work in youth development. A few years ago, he picked up a camera and discovered his passion for photography.

 He's a laid-back guy who gets along with everyone and enjoys creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere. His work always results in candid and natural photos. His experience allows him to think out of the box whenever. He can capture everything from epic romantic shots to the faintest of moving moments.

 It will all be over in a flash, as everyone will tell you. His job is to capture the essence and emotion of your special day and turn it into a work of art that will last a lifetime. You can savor the moment on the day and revisit it for future years.


 "Joseph was without exception the best choice we made for our wedding! He is such a phenomenal talent with so many creative and unique ideas, and we felt so comfortable and relaxed with him around – (he is without a doubt one of the kindest and most genuine people we have ever met!). We were seeing our photos for the first time brought tears to my eyes. We love and adore them and the beautiful story that they tell. His passion and expertise make him an indispensable asset on your special day."

⁃ Ellie and Dan

 Specialty: Wedding Photography, Couples Photography, Prints

18.  Dear White

Another multi-award-winning wedding photographer is Dear White. They will pay close attention to you and your needs so that you'll get the best services for your special day.

 The photographer will capture 5000-12000 photos per event. They'll choose 700 of the best to provide to you online for easy access and sharing.

Dear White is also available for high-definition wedding videos. The best part is that they may go across New Zealand. All the way from Christchurch to Wellington and even Auckland.


"We hired Dan and his lovely wife from Dear White photography for our wedding, and it was the best decision we made! Dan was very engaged and got to know us as a couple, and the resulting photos were so amazing! He captured us and the wedding in the exact way we wanted. The photos told a story of love and a whole lot of laughter and happiness. Thank you, Dear White photography!"

 -Barbara Hancock

Specialty: Wedding photography, wedding videography

 19. Tandem Photography

 Tandem Photography is the product of two photographers' unique photographic experience and abilities. Tandem Photography guarantees two creatives are always working on your project. Two photographers will film the day on major shoot. One photographer on smaller shoots and two people behind the creative idea.

 When you pick Tandem Photography, you can rest knowing that your experience will be fun! And the level of professionalism and quality will result in twice as amazing results.


 "Professional, talented, caring.

We were lucky enough to win a competition! We had the pleasure of Katherine doing our family photoshoot. Thank you, Katherine! You captured our family in such a beautiful way. Apologies again for crying when I saw the final prints; they blew me away.

You made the whole process very comfortable and easy, and it shows in the product. It's a credit to your work when clients struggle to choose from too many beautiful pictures. And if it weren't for your help, we would've been still deciding.

Thank you for creating moments for us to look back on for years. we can't recommend more."

 -Michelle Strachan

Specialty: Weddings, Portraits, Commercials

20.  Raewyn Murray Photography

Raewyn is a Christchurch-based wedding and lifestyle photographer. She enjoys photography and the way it brings people together. Every couple, she says, is unique and special in their own way. Her style is your style! She will go to lengths to make sure that your wedding photos capture the story of your special day.

Raewyn is a laid-back person who enjoys what she does and being around people, as shown in her photos.

Remember that a wedding day goes by so fast! You'll want some beautiful photos to help you remember everything. That's why she can also create beautiful wedding albums for couples to keep and look back on in the future.

Wedding and elopement packages for all types of weddings and elopements. Also available to travel to many parts of New Zealand.


"Raewyn is the most amazing and friendly photographer I have dealt with. Having her capture my big day was awesome, and I'm so in love with all the photos! Thank you so much again, Raewyn!"

 -Soxy Howell

 Specialty: Albums & Portraits. Engagement Photography

 21. The Heather and Doug Photography

 Wedding Photography. What exactly does that mean to you? Is it about having a great time? Is it about receiving a beautiful set of images that you can display on your wall? Or only keep photos because you must?

 If you enjoy colour and vibrancy or a bold and creative approach, there's no need to look any further. Heath and Doug are photographers who are passionate about what they do. Rest assured; you are in the right hands.

You'll be at ease knowing that your day will be well documented with Heather & Doug. They each have different perspectives and will be a hundred percent committed to the job.

 If we've checked all your boxes, what are you waiting for? Plan your wedding photography together with Heather & Doug!


"A few weeks ago, I had this photo taken by the lovely Heather Richardson. She is an absolute magician with a camera!

Thanks for a fun session, Heather & helping me to feel comfortable in my own skin

I would recommend her or her husband Doug if you are looking for a family or wedding photographer."

-Cassie Mead

Specialty: Albums & Portraits, Engagement Photography, Weddings

22. Joel Wallan Creative

Joel Wallan is a Christchurch, New Zealand-based wedding photographer, and videographer. He enjoys capturing a couple's special day and turn it into a work of art they will remember for the rest of their life.

He began his creative career in high school. He worked as a digital marketing manager during his time in university, and that's how he honed his skills.

Weddings are by far his favourite subject to photograph. Every wedding is unique and memorable, filled with happiness and special moments.

 Wedding photography and videography, in his opinion, should be natural and stress-free. It should not run you down from your special day and the people that are important to you.

 He tries his best to blend in as a guest at the wedding. He captures your beautiful moments without trying to be the centre of attention. He chose to be in front of the camera for a reason, after all!


 "Joel was our photographer for our wedding in 2021 in Christchurch, and we could not fault a single thing!

He was responsive and professional. He managed to capture so many moments during the evening that my husband and I completely forgot. The wedding party shots were brilliant, and he went the extra mile to get both the mood and pictures right.

Both of us couldn't rate him any higher! The resulting photos are the ones we'll look back on in decades to come and love.

Thanks again, Joel!"

 -James Chen

 Specialty: Engagement Photography & Videography, Albums & Portraits

23. Agnes Grace Photography

What would we do if we didn't have photos? Photos take you back in time and allow you to relive experiences: the setting, the people, the details. Everything has a role to play in the story. 

 Agnes could be your new buddy, photographer, and creative director.

She has been photographing moments as they have unfolded for the past four years. She goes above and beyond to make sure that the clients have an unforgettable experience.                                                                                                                                            

Her goal is to provide you with very beautiful photos that reflect who you are. Images that you'll be able to look back on in ten years and remember exactly how those events happened.


"We hired Agnes for our Engagement shoot and Wedding Day photos. After meeting with her in person, we felt that she was the best person who would be able to make us feel comfortable. And would be able to create unique photos of our special moments.

Agnes delivered on all aspects of her contract with us. Communication was excellent leading up to both events. During our shoots, she kept things flowing and light-hearted. Waiting for the final photos was hard as she sent us a sneak peek the day after the wedding. We didn't want to wait any longer. When we received the photos, we were so happy with them that now we have the tricky task of choosing which ones to print!

We also felt her pricing options is excellent as it can cater for various budgets.

100% would recommend Agnes Grace Photography!"

- Emily Belton

 Specialty: Weddings, Engagement Photography, Albums & Portraits

 24. Brad Crocker Photography

Fun, detailed, and no awkwardness in front of the camera!

Brad enjoys capturing the excitement and connection between people through candid moments. His work has a modern vibe to it, driven by his love of photography.

He will guide you through the portrait process while making you feel at ease.

Brad can capture your day in detail if you're searching for quality in all aspects. He is very proud and passionate about his work.


 "We couldn't have asked for a perfect photographer to capture our day. Thank you so much for your hard work and how easy you made everything. We love you and the photos you have captured for us. I will always and forever have a glowing review for anyone who ever asks me if they should hire you."

 Thank you so much, from myself and Khan!

 -Melinda & Khan

 Specialty: Weddings, Albums & Portraits

 25.  Wedding Photographers Christchurch

 Brent and Shirley Cairns specialise in dealing with people and capturing beautiful photographs. They run Wedding Photographers Christchurch. They also have a brand called Forever Young Photography.

They get things perfect on the camera! Their years of experience, leaving you more time to relax and look your best on your special day.

They guarantee that at the reception, you'll be able to see 100-200 photographs from the day projected on a large screen as a slideshow... You won't have to wait weeks or months to see your wedding images with Brent & Shirley!

Brent oversees the main photos. Shirley is in charge of the background photography and videography. They will work around you whether you are in Christchurch, New Zealand, or Australia.


"Brent Cairns and Shirley, you guys were amazing photographing my wedding. I was very nervous about getting the photos done. You guys made it so easy and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. Thank you so much again. I can't wait to get the finished photos. I would definitely recommend you two."

 -Rochelle Horwell

 Specialty: Engagement and Wedding Photos

 26.  Frank J Visser

Frank Visser is one of the most talented people in his profession. You'd think that as a professional photographer, he only works with models and ads. But think again because Frank's love for photography extends to his clients. You'd expect nothing less than the best images from him during your special occasions.

He's open to new ideas and experimenting with unusual styles to make each frame stand out.

His wedding packages start at $550, which is a little fee to pay for such great photos. Wedding images last far longer than cakes or flowers. That is why you should only choose the greatest photographer to capture your big day. Frank Visser is your best bet right now for amazing photos at moderate prices.


"Frank's expertise shone through for our wedding. What he produced far exceeded all our hopes and expectations. He was so good at calming our nerves with his natural friendliness and sense of humor. He seemed to be able to move around the room. He was at the right place to capture all the important moments at the right time without being intrusive. He also managed to process our photos and present them to us far quicker than we could have ever expected. Having such a wonderful collection of photos to look back on is what we will always cherish. Thank you, Frank, for making our happy day even more special."

-John Chong

Specialty: Weddings & Commercial Photography

27. CMG Studios

Kevin has lived in New Zealand's South Island for almost three decades. He grew up in Scotland and was always fascinated by capturing the beauty of nature around him.

 Kevin and his wife Karen now teach landscape photography across New Zealand. Including Scotland's Highlands and Islands, Tuscany, and France's Camarque region.

 Kevin continues to run a successful photography business with his partner Karen. Including CMG PHOTO TOURS and CMGSPORT.


 "Kevin and Chris shot our wedding in January 2016, and the photos were amazing. We received many comments from our guests like "best wedding photos ever seen." Thank you, Kevin and Chris, not only for the fantastic photos but also for being so personal. Also, friendly but strict when needed and relaxed to have around. I definitely recommend CMG."

-Wanda Luinenberg

 Specialty: Weddings, Albums & Portraits, Landscapes

 28. Emily Hugo Photography

 Emily is a photographer from Canterbury, New Zealand, who is in her twenties.

 Her approach to work is simple: she strives to capture your story in an authentic and honest way. Also, while creating beautiful photos that will last a lifetime.

 She pours her whole heart and soul into whatever she does.


 “Emily, I can’t even begin to express how incredible our photos are. Like, wow, we’re in love with them. We have looked through all of them multiple times already, and I can’t get enough!!! We are beyond stoked and cannot thank you enough for capturing our day, and we’re soooo grateful. We’re especially fond of all the derpy ones, hehe, and particularly the ones with mum. There’s one photo where Tyler and I were hugging in focus, and you can see mum a bit blurred in the background smiling at us. That one made me cry and is such a precious memory, thank you for a billion. Man, reading this back, it still doesn’t feel like I’ve put justice to how much we love the photos/how grateful we are!!! Every single image is perfect.”


 Specialty: Celebrations, Lifestyle, Commercial

 29. Fat Cat Photography

 Rhio has always loved art and cats, he's been doing professional photography for a few years now. He enjoys capturing moments through pictures. He also loves making things exciting and fun for his clients.

He knows how difficult it may be to be in front of the camera. That's why he always tries to make you laugh, so you don't feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

 He has a full-time job yet still pursues his passion for photography.


"5 +

Rhio is a beautiful person inside and out. She goes above and beyond for her clients.

Caring nature, very professional, and patient when we had our two huskies! But our engagement shoot came out better than we ever thought possible! check out the cover photo!!

So stoked with our photos, and we can't wait for her to capture our wedding day! Definitely recommend this talented photographer to everyone!!"

 -Penelope Hawker

 Specialty: Weddings & Portraits

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