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Posted 23/09/2021

Top Canterbury Marriage Wedding Celebrants

Top Canterbury Marriage Wedding Celebrants

"I love you" or "I want to be with you" are the two most common phrases said when we first fall head over heels for someone. But, being in love is the beginning of the story. It marks the start of an incredible journey that will see two people become one. And once the two begin to understand everything else in body, soul, and mind, true love emerges.

 Then marriage.

 Marriage is a voyage of self-discovery for both partners. It necessitates complete dedication and patience. Hence why the first step in the planning process is to choose the person who will officiate your wedding. After all, a perfect holy wedding is exactly what you and your spouse-to-be need. It's a must-do to begin your new life together as a pair. So, we’ve made it easy for you by compiling a list of the top 18 Canterbury marriage celebrants. Let's get this party started!

1. Arohanui Weddings with Hayley

To Hayley, each marriage is unique. And so, each wedding ceremony is also unique in its design and construction.

 From contemporary to traditional, big and elaborate. Or even more intimate weddings. Hayley has an eye for detail and a passion to provide the most unique experience for her clients. For the most part, Hayley is sincere and sensitive. Her aim is for couples to have the happiest wedding day of their life. After all, marriage is the start to spend the rest of their lives as a couple.

 Boutique and small weddings in any environment are Hayley’s specialty. According to Hayley, “Guests should feel like they are a genuine part of the event as well. No matter if it is a reading, a poem, a karakia, or something else. It is my responsibility to ensure that your ceremony runs exactly as you wish. Resulting in a day that is stress-free, relaxed, and memorable for all the right reasons.” Through meticulous planning and rehearsal, Hayley collaborates to create personalised ceremonies. Whether that be a civil union, heterosexual, same-sex marriages, or cultural fusion weddings. Hayley’s got you covered!


“Hayley makes the process of getting married less stressful. She helps you every step of the way and makes sure everything is running smooth. I got ahold of her a little over 2 weeks before my wedding. And she put in her 100% to make sure everything went perfect for my special day.” - Katia

2. Bonnie Tainui

Bonnie is a celebrant ready to make your dream ceremony a success. She wants the bride and groom to have the time of their lives and leave with a treasured memory on their special day.

Every ceremony will be custom-designed to reflect the couple’s style and personality. It is vital to her that she gets to know the lovely couple before the ceremony. She is also very supportive and ensures that at every step of the journey she is present. According to Bonnie, “I have knowledge and experience working with many people. Assisting others is something that I am very passionate about. The fact that I am delivering a service that makes a genuine impact in people's lives is 100% important to me.”

Bonnie currently owns and operates her firm, "Magnolia Supporting You." Through which she gives celebrant services, social work, and counselling support. As well as professional supervision to other professionals. She is a registered member of The Celebrants Association of New Zealand. And a trained Wedding and Event Planner with Wedding Inc. She not only can assist as a celebrant but can also with the planning of your special event!


“Bonnie is super organised, efficient, and can make one feel at ease straight away. I am so glad that Bonnie is part of my professional growth and development. She has real warmth and cares for others. I would have no qualms in recommending Bonnie in any capacity.” -  C. Williams

3. Steven Sykes Celebrant

Steven is an independent marriage celebrant. He is passionate about assisting you in having the most memorable day possible. He has a good reputation for being polite and professional. While ensuring that everything works as smooth as possible.

According to Steven, “Because every couple is different. I bring my compassion, amazing sense of humour, enthusiasm, and attention to detail. This is to ensure that your wedding day is spectacular. I will work with you every step of the way to create a ceremony that you will cherish. I am honored to assist you with your wedding arrangements! Whether you are looking for something classic, simple, or sophisticated. Or anything out of the usual. Whether you want me to jump out of the plane, dance, or sing. It is not an issue at all, as long as it is in keeping with your style, because this wedding is for you and you.”

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding car, Steven has you covered as well! Don’t hesitate to meet together with him and talk about what might be possible. He might be the right celebrant for you!

4. Kevin Heays Celebrant

Do you want your dream wedding to be on a deserted beach, up a mountain, or along a river? Well, celebrant Kevin Heays is always game for it!

 Aside from being an adventurous celebrant. His goal is also to design a ceremony that is unique and tailored to “your” life narrative. After ten years in the industry, Kevin has had a 100 percent success record. According to Kevin, “I will create a ceremony that will be more than memorable. Yes, whether it is short and simple for couples or long and elaborate for families. I am capable of making your day extra special! Please check out my website, get in touch with me, and sit back and enjoy the journey. Because trust me, you won’t regret getting in touch with me.”


“Kevin takes your special day and makes it magical. We thank you so much, Kevin Heays!” – Tonni C.

 5. Diane Rawlinson Celebrant

Congratulations, you’ve got a ring on your finger! Now, who do you call?

Oh yes, Diane Rawlinson! Diane became a Celebrant in 2015 thanks to her enthusiasm for people and the support of many others. According to Diane, “Your special day is a celebration! I do believe that being a part of a couple's most significant day is a privilege. I look forward to assisting you in creating a ceremony. One that is unique and tailored to the needs of everyone involved. Your ideas are important and I will assist you in your ceremony. And help you celebrate the most important day of your life.”

Diane is a member of the Celebrants' Association of New Zealand. Loves rural areas and beautiful open spaces. The best thing? Diane is willing to travel outside of Canterbury if necessary. And is also available to meet for a consultation before you decide on a Celebrant.

6. Rod Paton Celebrant

Rob has been an Independent Marriage Celebrant for more than 25 years. He has had a lot of opportunities and experience officiating many wedding ceremonies. As a wedding officiant, he enjoys working with couples. He loves to be part of the special day and has a passion for creating unforgettable moments. To Rob, ceremonies should and are unique to both guests and couples. He 100 percent believes that ceremonies should reflect the couple's specific desires.

 According to Rob, “You can have a traditional ceremony or something completely different. We will collaborate to create a personalised ceremony for your needs. If you would like to learn more about how I go about my job. No worries, I am happy to meet with you at no charge or obligation to discuss the services that I provide. Please contact me if you want to know more.”

 Rob also created a resource book called “Guide to a Marriage Ceremony." This is to aid couples in the development of their ceremonies. With a comprehensive range of possibilities for each section of the ceremony. His goal is for couples to select and enjoy their ceremonies. And see their ideas come to life!

7. Andrea Dahl Celebrant

Passionate about life, love, and caring for those around her. Andrea brings positive energy and warmth to everything she does. Andrea Dahl is a ball of sunshine and is one of the most respected Celebrants in the Canterbury region! She collaborates with you to design and weave a ceremony that is unique to both husband and wife-to-be. Andrea also fosters a comfortable atmosphere. To ensure that your most important day is light and fun.

According to Andrea, “I am a person who is bright and passionate. Is relaxed but not casual, is informal but still professional. And who enjoys having fun and laughing while also being serious when the situation calls for it. It would be an honour to work with you to create a day that reflects and includes all that is unique to you and your family.” Andrea also has a sustainable wedding site where you can book and host weddings. With affordable wedding packages, Andrea might be the ideal wedding Celebrant for you!


“Andrea has the most beautiful and inviting personality. She made our day even more special. So many guests spoke about how she made our ceremony amazing! And with her amazing ability to tell our story, we all laughed with joy. She made us relaxed and able to enjoy our day. Have already recommended it to so many people! Thanks again Andrea, you made our day.” - Mr. & Mrs. Bowden

 8. Annie Overton Celebrant

Getting married is a joyous and memorable occasion in one's life. And for Annie, she's excited and honoured to be the celebrant at your wedding.

 According to Annie, “It is my pleasure to introduce myself as a qualified celebrant. And a recognized, validated member of the Celebrant Association (CANZ). We will collaborate to design a ceremony that, tailored to your specific desires. I can assist you in planning a celebration in your unique manner. Whether your wedding ceremony is casual or refined. Simple or formal, sincere, relaxed, and enjoyable. Yes, we will ensure that it is unforgettable and completely yours. I am willing to travel and can do ceremonies in a variety of settings. So let's discuss and work together to design your wedding ceremony. So, that you and your guests may experience the joy and love that prompted you to tie the knot.”

 Annie Overton enjoys being a wedding celebrant. Because it allows her to assist couples in making their wedding day memorable. As a wedding celebrant, she’s always present to assist you in planning your ceremony. And ensuring that her delivery is personal and important to the beloved couple.


“Allan and I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us. To be honest, the ceremony was perfect in every way. You were amazing! We loved the day so much, it was such a beautiful dream!” – Nicole and Allan June

9. Jane Godfrey Celebrant

As a writer of innovative ceremonies, Jane loves turning life milestones into memories. She's been a wedding celebrant since 2009. And provides the highest level of service while incorporating quality, heart, and humour. Jane is an organised and punctual celebrant who pays meticulous attention to detail.

According to Jane, “I am enthusiastic about my work and dedication. To provide excellent service to my customers. Nothing can separate us when it comes to love. In the years after that first, a little nerve-racking ceremony. I've conducted hundreds of such ceremonies and still feel the same buzz every time! Seeing folks have a more enjoyable experience than imagined, gives me immense satisfaction. I guarantee that you are in good hands with me as your wedding ceremony celebrant. All that matters is that you are yourself and the event reflects the lovely couple.”

When the magic and sparkle happens, you can't but notice that what made it extra special is the union of two people. And the joint decision of hiring the perfect celebrant to make it all happen.


"Dear Jane, thanks so much for tying the knot for us. From woe to go, you were so on top of your game and you made everything seem easy and relaxed. You are a true professional." - Kerri and Ross

10. John Handy Celebrant

John Handy is an independent wedding celebrant. Who is willing to travel to meet in far distances. He loves meeting up with couples to learn about their narrative. To design a ceremony tailored to their needs.

According to John, “It could be a small group of close friends or a large gathering of family and friends. Whether it's by the sea, in a garden, or on the top of a mountain, every date should be memorable for its reason. Being a celebrant is a rewarding experience for me. Since it allows me to contribute to making a couple's wedding day memorable. Don't hesitate to give me a call if you want to discuss.”

John is light and kindred spirit who enjoys seeing the communion of two people. To him, marriages- they're sacred. John takes joy and pride in gathering people together. He knows what it feels like to take marriage to the next level. And for that, he might be the ideal marriage celebrant for you and your soon-to-be. So, give John Handy a call and allow your dream wedding to come true!

11. Caroll Simcox Celebrant

Caroll is a licensed marriage celebrant in the grand Mackenzie Mountains. When couples choose to get married in one of the world's most beautiful outdoor places. Such as Lake Tekapo, Lake Pukaki, or Mt. Cook, give Caroll a call! Caroll feels as excited about the opportunity to visit these places. While making long-lasting memories as your wedding celebrant.

According to Caroll, “Meeting with couples and assisting an exceptional service is amazing! I love how it shows their originality and uniqueness. It’s something I look forward to every time. I am also happy to make suggestions when assisting you. So, together, we can create the kind of ceremony that you desire.” Modern technology makes it simple to bring together everyone. If you’re looking for a cool and adventurous celebrant, don’t forget to put Caroll on speed dial!


“Caroll is fantastic! She has a very calm warmth and is completely sincere. I've been lucky enough to have Caroll as my celebrant - 100% recommended!” - Mr. & Mrs. Stanley

12. Tricia Warwick-Naziris Celebrant

Tricia is a Registered Independent Marriage Celebrant in Dunedin and Christchurch. Since she's been in the industry since 1996, she has a wealth of experience when it comes to joining two people.

Everyone has a distinct expectation of their celebrant. And Tricia ticks every box of the criteria. According to Tricia, “It is important to maintain composure in anyone’s presence. I have faith that I can handle any difficult situations that may arise in the event.” Tricia is confident, exudes self-assurance, and is well-spoken. And no doubt, Tricia understands the assignment. She also takes time to respond to queries and offers ideas.


“Tricia was a wonderful celebrant for our wedding in March 2020. Our first meeting with her at our home? It felt relaxed and comfortable. She cared about who we were as people, what marriage meant to us, and our approach to the day. She provided many resources to help us plan our ceremony. And guided us along our planning journey without fuss or stress. In the week before the wedding, Tricia was flexible and accommodating. Even with last-minute changes in the face of the constant difficulties with Covid-19. We were very happy with Tricia as our celebrant and would not hesitate to recommend her.” - Mr. & Mrs. Emslie

13. Josh The Wedding Guy

Josh is an easygoing, and humorous individual. He knows how to handle any situation and is a people person. Throughout his time as a celebrant, many people say that he is a pleasurable fellow. He knows how to make the entire process enjoyable and light-hearted. According to Josh, “I love joining two people together.”

If you want the feel of an "old buddy and pal” celebrant, call Josh! He knows the little details to make your ceremony wonderful. After all, who doesn’t love charm and humour?


“We got lots of comments from the guests saying the ceremony was one of the best parts of the day! Josh was on point, his relaxed manner and quick wit had everyone in fits of laughter. Yet his ceremony speech was also lovely and had some cute romantic parts.

He put us at ease from the moment we meet him! I knew he would be great and he didn't disappoint. I high five him at the end, as I was so impressed at how awesome he was. Thank you again for making the ceremony so personable and fantastic. We are still buzzing, the ceremony set the day off, we had the best wedding day!" - Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds

 14. Nigel Hughes Celebrant

Nigel has a laid-back personality and is quite a charmer. He ensures that the couple with whom he works is 100% satisfied with the service. He doesn’t mind reaching out to know more details about the soon-to-be-married couple.

Nigel currently resides in Christchurch. But he is also more than willing to travel to your choice of destination. According to Nigel, “A wedding is something that I look forward to more than anything else. Having retired from a career in law enforcement. I wanted to use my time to get involved in worthwhile and satisfying endeavours. As a result, I decided to train as a wedding celebrant. My attention is not on the price, but rather on the service that I can deliver to you. You are welcome to call me and feel free to ask any questions.”

It doesn't matter where you get married, Nigel will be there if you take him as your celebrant! Whether you wed in Golden Bay, at the finish of a marathon, the Botanical Gardens. Or even on a snowy mountain top, Nigel will be there.

 15. Jodi Wareing Celebrant

Jodi is a new, youthful celebrant in Christchurch. She has a natural gift for storytelling. She also has a lot of professional live music and stage experience.

According to Jodi, “I became a celebrant because I enjoy listening to people's tales. And transforming them into one-of-a-kind and memorable occasions. It is my responsibility to ensure that your ceremony is stress-free and meaningful.”

Have an awesome conversation with Jodi. She’s one of a kind and is open to answering your queries. If you need a marriage celebrant in Canterbury or Christchurch, give her a ring!

 16. Nicola McCarthy Celebrant

Nicola is also known by many as "Celebrant with Style." This is because she's reputable for creating elegant and fabulous ceremonies.

According to Nicola, “If you would like help in creating a beautiful, fun, and unique ceremony. I am the gal for you! I am pleased to fill your day with love, laughter, and pleasure. Whether you are saying ‘I do’ for the first time or declaring ‘we still do,’ I got you! After all, Love is the life-giving oxygen of the soul.”

With Nicola, be confident that she will work with you. She’s quite an organised planner. Plus, she promises to deliver an unforgettable ceremony. Call Nicola, her priority is your happiness, your love story, and your relationship.

17. Megan Wilson Celebrant

Megan Wilson has been a licensed Marriage Celebrant since 1997. She has had officiated countless marriages in New Zealand. Since the start of the Civil Unions, she has been one of the pioneers in providing these services to the public.

 Since the approval of the Same-Sex Marriage Amendment Act. Her services include officiating same-sex marriage as well. According to Megan, “For me, the service is all about the couple and what they want to do on their special day.”

Megan is well-spoken, patient, and cooperative. She is a light and kind soul ready to see you become one with one another. With a good reputation, Megan qualifies as one of the best celebrants in the region!

18. Wendi Keown Celebrant

Wendi Keown adores weddings. To her, weddings are one of the most exciting and heart-pounding moments of one’s life. She’s a romantic and understands human emotions.

 According to Wendi, “Some couples find the process of planning a wedding to be stressful. So, if you are having difficulty putting everything together, I am the person for you. I can organise everything you need and perform your ceremony as your celebrant. If you would want to contact me, please do so by phone or email."


“We recommend Wendi to anyone who is looking to get married. She did an amazing job of making our big day feel special. Wendi was there for us every step of the way which was a massive relief.

My wife and I had written personal messages to one another to say during the vows. On the day, Wendi surprised us with our messages in a frame to read from. It was such an amazing gift and it had personal touches. This made our wedding day feel even more special. Thank you Wendi for everything you did for us!” - Miss & Mr. K

Now that you know the top 18 Canterbury wedding celebrants Canterbury, who are your top 3? Either way, if you’re planning to have a massive wedding or an intimate one. Each one of these Marriage celebrants near Canterbury will not disappoint you. God's grace and happy weddings with wedding celebrants near Canterbury!

Thousands of registered independant celebrants in New Zealand are happy to travel as people make their milestones. Nationwide finding the right fit to share their story in regards to their perfect ceremony. New Zealand how do you find milestones into beautiful memories? Memories that are fit for you with thousands of desires.

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